Scientology in Hollywood

Scientology in Hollywood | A Guided Tour

June 26, 2020

Looming over the sidewalk of Hollywood, California are tens of millions of dollars of buildings owned by the Church of Scientology. This beleaguered religion may have had a decade of bad PR, but they still own a substantial amount of real estate in California and Florida.

In this week’s episode of Point of Inquiry, Jim Underdown decided to ride his bike to six major Scientology facilities in Hollywood. Activist Tory Christman, who spent 30 years in the “Church” of Scientology, spoke with Jim the following day to sit down and walk listeners through what happens in these buildings. You can follow along below with the pictures that Jim took while on his bike.

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All over, buddy, welcome to another episode of Point of Inquiry. I’m your host Jim Underdown, executive director of the Center for Inquiry West in Los Angeles. 

Remember years ago they used to have maybe they still have it. They used to have a program called Mass for shut ins. Well, that’s what we’re doing today on point of inquiry. For those of you who are still locked down in the pandemic, the Cauvin 19 pandemic, or if you’d just want to take a virtual tour of downtown Hollywood, we’re gonna be looking at the Scientology buildings in downtown Hollywood and along for the ride. Although she’s not with me on the bicycle, I will be speaking with Tori Christman, who was a longtime member of the Church of Scientology and knows quite a bit about their various activities, both in these buildings and in general. What we’re gonna do is go back and forth between me on the bicycle, live at five thirty in the morning, and the conversation between me and Tori talking about the buildings. We have both a map and some photographs for you to follow along with at home so you can actually see the buildings were talking about in the conversation. Thanks again for tuning in. This is Jim Underdown for point of inquiry. 

Westbound. Sorry, eastbound. It’s early on Hollywood Boulevard. 

We’re going to take a little tour of Hollywood and Scientology buildings today, coming up to the old side of the old Center for inquiry. 

Westin had 47 73 Hollywood Boulevard and. 

Where are 9000 square foot building once stood is now vacant lot, by the way, if you hear me sucking heretics, I’m horribly out of shape. I haven’t been able to do my usual riot workouts. Don’t turn the pandemic. 

I was at a bike race once in Cape Town, South Africa. The Argus. One hundred and ten kilometers ride down the Cape of Good. Hope that comeback starts and ends in Cape Town. I finished ahead of over 10000 riders that day. 

OK. Twenty five thousand. Finished ahead of me, but. Scouting’s. The first stop of our tour. 

There, Anderson. 

The Church of Scientology, Los Angeles is early because it keeps me away from other people, I can actually let my mask drop. 

Oh, look at this. I was wondering if they have security out here. 

But this is a whole complex here. 

I sit right under water, their security cameras. There’s a security cap on a bicycle over there. Tory, what is this place? I call it Big Blue, but it has a name and Scientology in the Scientology world. 

I’m talking to Tori Chris Mooney. Today is an ex Scientologist, and I don’t know what would you say against Scientology or warning people about Scientology? 

I’m just being an activist, exposing the abuses of the Church of Scientology, exposing the abuses, OK, in there. 

And that’s what we both know. That’s a big job, right? 


Well, let’s start with your personal history with the Church of Scientology. What one did you get into it? 

I did that entire series if anyone really wants to see my whole story. Insectary McGoo, 44. It’s Duaa one eight. MAIG oh oh. Forty four on YouTube. And it’s a 10 part series on how I got in. What kept me there. I woke up how I escaped them. 

But in a nutshell I basically read that book Dianetics in 1969, only read a few chapters, decided I want to be an auditor, quit college as hitchhiked to Los Angeles from Chicago and became a Scientologist. And I wanted to be what they call an auditor, which is a counselor. And I was there for 30 years. Scientology, just so everyone knows, is like a triangle. And you start out in the bottom where it’s, you know, forty dollars for a communication course kind of thing. 

But as you go up that triangle, it gets much, much more expensive, much less freedoms. Believe it or not, they’re actually cutting out your freedoms, but you don’t know it. 

And, you know, it’s hard to explain because it’s kind of mind control, but you don’t know it. And I was second to the top seven. It Otey seven is Otey. Eight is the top. 

I did eighty seven. I was on it for seven years and as a result of it not working and some weird things they asked me to do. I finally woke up and escaped across the country, was chased across the country, and they proved to me what the critics had been telling me for years, that all the things that they say they do. And I kept saying they don’t do that. They don’t do that. Well, they prove they do do it. 

That’s all belong. And fascinating story. And I do recommend people go check out your whole story. 

Just talk briefly. So your your termin the church. I always find using the word church strange with them. Yeah, right. It’s a business, not a church. 

It’s totally a business. It’s one hundred percent a business where you have to pay for every single thing except in the very beginning now so you can do this free course online and things like that. But all of that is just like mad to catch a fish. 

Yeah. It’s really about making money and that and that’s part of the reason why I did this tour is because it chaps my hide a little bit that they own all this valuable property in downtown Hollywood, California, and are not paying a cent of property taxes for it. And so that’s what we’re doing here today. We’re gonna go through some of these really expensive property and you’re going to talk about what, if anything, goes on there. One other quick question. So you had some interesting jobs when you were with the church. What what what’s what’s. Were you on, like a hit committee or something? 

They had a few things. 

I was in the Sea Organization, which was Hubbards little group of people that helped run the church. And I say little because it’s it’s very small compared to the public. Now, they have very few public that are actually active, even though they keep claiming they have millions. If you go look in their building, you’ll see they’re mostly, if not all, empty. Yeah. So you probably were able to look at them yesterday when you drove around. 

Yeah, well, it was to be fair, it was very early, but yeah. Well normally you only see a few people walk walking even these massive buildings. You rarely see more than a few people at a time. 

Exactly. And when I got in nineteen sixty nine there were hundreds and hundreds, thousands literally. 

I mean you could one little organization which they now call churches, they used to always call or for years and years and years, but now they try and they’re trying to page that they’re a church. So they call everything a Church of Scientology, whereas before it was just an hour or so. But outside of them or hundreds of people that were, you know, on course and milling around and know just friends with each other. 

So you worked in the Sea Org for how long? 

This year it was very short because I have epilepsy and I ran out of my medicine and I said, I need to get my med. 

Refill. And they basically, Robert, add me to the medical liaison officer, which was an 18 year old kid untrained in medicine and basically said, you have to get off your medicine, wear the top 10 percent of the planet. You know, really take medicine in the sea or. 

And we’re gonna put you on Dianetics vitamins and cow mag. 

And that’s going to help you so you don’t have seizures. I ended up having tons of seizures and losing my short term memory. And thank God my mother basically stayed on it and got me out saying, you know, got me out of the sea or saying, either you get on your medication today or I’m going to fly out there. And believe me, L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology will never forget your mother. Wow. So I went back on my meds and I thought them from 30 years of it. But I was the point being, I was in the sea for a short, short time. 

Then I was on staff, which is different than the C or C August 24 hours a day, live where you sleep there. And don’t anybody join it without really doing research, because it’s it’s basically a slave camp. That’s what it is. And you make about thirty five dollars a week on staff. You make about one hundred dollars a week. And that’s you can work either days or nights and weekends. So I work days at a celebrity center and then the advanced organization and I got pregnant and that was it. 

Then I just became a mother and I were. And I was more known as a public, but as a volunteer, I helped them for years. And it’s too long a story to tell you all this stuff. But I did just about that’s something I’ve been in just about everywhere, being a volunteer. 

OK, great. So I’m just laying the foundation that when we go through this tour, you’ve been around the block with this organization and you know what you’re talking about. 

And I escaped out in 2000, so I’ve been out for 20 years. And my thing was at first I wasn’t going to speak out, I wasn’t going to pick and I wasn’t going to make videos. But they just kept picking on me. So I finally said, you know, I have free speech to maybe I have something to say. And now it’s been 20 years. I’ve demonstrated that I’ve made interviews with all kinds of different media, which you can just type in my name, Tori Christman and Google. And I mean, I’ve had people call me asking me, do you have an in with the media or something? And I go, No, why? And they go, Because your name is all over the Internet getting interviewed. And I said, That’s because for the first eight years, they’re only about four people, four or five people would speak out. Then in two thousand eight, Anonymous took on the Church of Scientology and we had our first picket with them with nine thousand people around the world and almost every major city. And that cracked open The Truman Show. I call it the Scientology Truman Show. Now, if you haven’t seen that movie, watch it, because that’s very much on Scientology. 

And that’s they let me start that again. The Internet and Anonymous created a situation that was too many points hitting Scientology at the same time. They couldn’t go after all their enemies anymore. 

Right. Right. Because they wouldn’t before that, they would sue people. But once anonymous hit, there were just too many people, eh, that they didn’t know who they were. And B, that it’s just too many people. They just couldn’t take on it. And, you know, nine thousand people and so. Oh, OK. 

All right. I’m going to bring up the first picture now. 

OK. This is a this is a place that I call Big Blue, but what is this in the Scientology world? 

OK. In Scientology world, this is the entrance. I mean, they had other buildings before. When I got in 1969, there were monks, older and crummier part of Los Angeles. Then they bought this, which is was a hospital. It’s now across from Kaiser Hospital. And they they had a morgue there and everything embodied cleaned it out, painted it. This got off of blue, which now it’s not as bad a blue. It’s known as big blue. Right. Because it’s huge and it’s blue. And it used to be this bright, bright blue because Hubbard believed blue equals freedom. And this is the entrance to Big Blue. This is an L.A. org. It’s called. And it’s it’s just a very entrance to the Hall of Fame. And and what goes on in there, they have, you know, like very early courses, just basically early courses, you know, communication courses and different things to teach you kind of get you into the mind control of Scientology. 

That’s a huge facility. 

It’s hard to imagine they have it filled up and humming with people. 

Yeah, I know. I know it is. They they did in the 80s. I think that was the last time I was really jumping. 

Well, we have to tell a quick story about you and I and Bob Leighton Dorff. 

And there I was, a member was a member of the East Hollywood Business Improvement District. The bed. And so these are public movie public meetings with business owners and property owners in the area. 

And Scientology was on the board and I was on the board of the local bid. 

And since there were public meetings, everybody shared the location and the Church of Scientology started using that building, Big Blue, to occasionally host a big meeting. 

And I got the idea one time that since their public meetings, anyone should be able to attend. And I invited you to attend the meeting. 

And everybody people know your face in an L.A. Scientology world. 

So what happened when you walked in with Bob to be a guest at the meeting? 

Well, it’s pretty funny because they had told me years ago, if you ever walk in our buildings, we’ll have you arrested. So I hadn’t told Jimmy I can’t do this. You know, they’ll they’ll arrest me. And he said, no, no, they have to let you because this is a public meeting and you have to understand anyone and many people that are watching this know about this. But anyone knew or who isn’t familiar with Scientology, they’re always trying to get PR in the community. And this is one of them, the wise group, which is is their business group. They’re trying to be can their business experts and they really care about the community. And so that’s why they’re having these meetings. So when I walked in, I forget her name, but the lady gave me a look. Oh, my God. And you could tell she was ticked off, but there was nothing she could do. Jim was right. Yeah. Yeah. You have to let me in. 

You just sat there the whole time. We kept seeing people walking down the hall and peering around the corner. And there were they were upset. OK. I was I was a great. There was a lot of fun. 

Sixty six. Sixteen. Three sixes. 

Hollywood Boulevard. 

Cornell’s Castle and Hollywood Boulevard says the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International grand sounding name. It’s actually just a massive propaganda campaign. It’s a profession of psychiatry. The subtitle under the building name is Psychiatry, an Industry of Death Museum. 

So I went further down sunset and I hit this building. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights. 

Right. Right. This is called CCRA Cha. That’s it. They have all these little terms and lingo and they have a whole language. I mean, this is I don’t know if you can see this or not, but this is their technical dictionary of words. I mean, they describe as gillion words that you have to know when you’re in Scientology. So right away, when you get in and you’re like, well, what does that mean? What does that mean? And you start learning their language. But CTCA Jha was there, Hubbard’s Group Against Psychiatry, and they believe psychiatry are the most evil people on the planet. They won’t allow you to get any auditing supposedly. Now, maybe they probably if you have enough money, they will, because money is there, their golden rule. But supposedly, if you’re on any kind of, quote unquote, psych meds, psych medicine for psychiatry, you let even be a depression or whatever, anything. They won’t you can’t get any auditing or you have to do a special program to get you off that medicine like they thought epilepsy. Epilepsy at my mother’s centry. This is not a psychosomatic illness. It is a physical illness. And you need your medicine. Well, as having grand mal seizures. And they were like, well, you’re not being responsible enough. 

They thought it was some other they thought it was some other cause. And they just don’t believe in chemical imbalances or brain issues. Real brain issues. No, no. Which is easy. 

HRR as they are too. It’s awful. What are my friends who is never in Scientology, took me through there and I did the whole tares tour. And it is repulsive. I mean, most Scientologists have never been through and they have no idea what it is. They are against children being overdrawn, which most people are sure. That isn’t really why Hubbard started it. 

He started it because this is my opinion back in the 50s, 60s. 

The main experts of the mind were psychiatrist and they can say Dianetics is B.S. And they did say that. Right. So he had to turn against them. And that’s really when court started CCD CHA and his big rant against psychiatry. But most Scientologists don’t know that. They’re like, well, children shouldn’t be on medicine. It’s OK. First of all, some children should. They need to. But I know personally. Fifteen young people will kill themselves. Fifteen Scientologists. Well, if they were on a psych bed, they wouldn’t have killed themselves. Right. If they could have had therapy and they wouldn’t. 

And there’s all kinds of people suffering from forms of schizophrenia whose symptoms go away. They’re hearing voices. They’re seeing things. All kinds of having some real mental health issues that are cured with drugs and Scientology won’t admit that. 

No. Yeah, OK. 

Well, see, see H.R.. I thought it was kind of funny that there’s actually three sixes in that address. I don’t know if I know. I know. 

And he was kind of proud of that. You know, it is. And sexy sex for anybody who doesn’t know equals the devil. 

Right. And just to be to be fair, the CFI numbers have a lot of six weeks to go. I think it’s a joke, but some people take that seriously. 

Myers LaFrance. So I’m going to turn northbound to the right and head back an alley, bull’s eye starter or dance part of the tour. 

Or at 70, 51 and 70, 65. 

Hollywood Boulevard. 

Building on the right, some disgusting one was called author services, one on the left, I think is called Abel and this they created, I believe, in the in the eighties it was started and I could be wrong or could have been earlier, but that was when I became familiar with it. And they started selling. Believe it or not, this is this was supposed to be Hubbards fiction work. 

That’s what Authors Services is. And they do gain they have different contests and things like that with people to make it seem like he’s just an author. 

He’s an author. And he’s, you know, and they have other authors that come in and stuff like that. 

But the real product of authors services that I know is they sold his basically they sold us the concept that they had to put the technology of Scientology on titanium discs and they were gonna put those in the ground and they are in the ground in around a few different places outside of Los Angeles. I mean, there are big ones in New Mexico, the ones in Lake Arrowhead. Are there different places? But they’re on titanium discs so that if the world is blown up, someone can. And we just a joke about it. 

When I was in, you know, imagine what’s the name of her anyway, you know, the movie where the whole unite in Los Angeles has blown up or the building the Omega Man or any of those apocalyptic yellows. But then you see this hand coming out, part of the black bubble, and it’s a Scientologist. And he and another hand comes up and they’re like, finally they come up out of the rubble and they’re like, we have to crawl the New Mexico to get dig down and get the titanium disk so we can we start the auditing and get Scientology, find that valuable bit of human knowledge can start the human race again. Yes, exactly. 

So right next door to that is what author servers are able. 

Which is Scientology’s front crooks. That’s what we call them. 

And it’s a combination of Applied Scholastics Citizen’s Commission on Human Right. 

No, Applied Scholastics and Narconon used to be part of Abel, which is their drug program. But I think they’ve made that separate now because they want to be have Narconon seem like it’s separate from the Church of Scientology. It is 100 percent under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology. Right. Just so anybody knows the way to happiness, which is sort of like the Ten Commandments. Hubbard rewrote it and sells them to doctors. Dan is saying, you know, your community is really worried about drugs. We need to get these way to happiness booklets out that’ll help the kids. It’s basically to safeguard Scientology and help people get in. 

And they’re pretty good at. I mean, even for someone like me who tries to keep an eye on them and is fairly aware of their efforts in different areas, they’re pretty good at hiding. 

They keep the actual word Scientology out of a lot of their activities to disguise them. Right? 

Right. Exactly. That’s why, you know, way to happiness. Most people don’t know that that is part of it. To give you an idea. Narconon was in every major school here in California. And a doctor who works for a university is a professor, but he’s also a critic of Scientology. And he took on the Church of Scientology and especially this particular avenue of it and helped expose it. 

And they called me because they really do an article in San Francisco. And Dave called me, said, look, they’re going to need someone that’s been in because he was never in and that that understands it. And so I said I’d have him call me because they had a lot of X Narconon staff members who were giving them information that they didn’t want to see their names. This was before Anonymous. Everyone was still afraid they’d sue them. So I said, OK. Have him call me. And the main thing I said was what I just said now is definitely under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology. Well, they had to get it out band to get all the religious aspects out of Narconon. Within two weeks and they can’t prove the technology back then. They couldn’t change anything. They really are not supposed to. But Miscavige. 

As the guy that runs it now has well, even beyond that, I mean, there have been several at least lawsuits against Narconon because it doesn’t work. I mean, they use or do they use vitamins and all these other treatments? And there have been deaths in Narconon under Narconon care. And there have been these lawsuits because it’s it’s it’s it’s crazy. It’s not based on mental health fair. And they actually sued cult watch. They sued, sued, called. Watch out of existence. Oh, yeah. And Cult Away Cult Awareness Network. That’s. Yeah. 

Yeah. I was part of that. I’m sorry to say I really am. But they tricked me and they said no. 

Just saying you were handling these people that are hurting the church. And I said, OK, sorry, I signed it way. Later when I got out, I went to see an attorney. He was very nice to me. Dan Leipold. But the people in his office were like, really giving me dirty looks. And I came in and I said, I don’t get it. Like, why are these women against me? I’m exposing all kinds of abuses from the church. I’m out. And he said, I don’t think you realize how many how many legal things your name is in. And I said, like what? And he said, like Cult Awareness Network. They had 100 suits against Cult Awareness Network. And my name was one of those suits. I didn’t know that. 

They didn’t say you’re going to sue these people and wipe them out. But that’s what happened. And I’m sorry to all the families. 

I mean, it’s an awful it’s an awful thing that they do stuff like this, because Cult Awareness Network originally was what you would think it would be. It was trying to alert people about various Carlat calls and Scientology through so many lawsuits. They eventually subsumed them, I think. 

And now if you call the Cult Awareness Network, guess who is the Church of Scientology? 

Yeah. Right. 

That’s so nefarious and so awful that when 9/11 happened underneath, President Bush was a one eight hundred for truth. 

And I was on the Internet at the time out of Scientology. And I said, that’s a Dianetics hotline. 

They were promoting for mental health call one 800 for Drew. 

Wow. OK. Next stop and the tour is the testing center. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The Right Museum of Illusions on the left. 

This is the testing center, what they call the testing center. 

And there’s little parking lot right next to it. 

That’s a part of the property that I don’t know if they still do it, but they used to have this Santa Clause there every Christmas season. And it was the saddest, most pathetic thing. To see the Santa Claus back there because he was kind of set back off of Hollywood Boulevard and nobody would go visit him and he was just kind of a sad guy sitting in the corner. 

It is where they supposedly do search. They started out doing personality tests. What happened was people were screwing up with the personality test. It was like 100, 200 questions that you had to answer. And then they would evaluate your personality from that. They would say, well, you’re you’re really bad at X, Y and Z, but you’re sort of good. It is. And we think we can help you. And a lot of people came into Scientology from that. A lot of people, but a lot of people, they screwed up and they left. They said no. So then they put that on the computers. They decided, no, no, people can’t do it. They can’t evaluate from these people. We’ll put it on computer. So now they’re reading out these computer right up saying you’re really there’s your horrible nobody likes you. You’re a liar. All this stuff. And then they’d say a few good things and people just walk out the door. It was awful. So now they switch into the stress has where they pinch you. And then they and they’re showing how the meteor, which is their E meteor, which is like a lie detector thing, shows charge or upset and you may pinch you. And then they say we call that pinch and then see. And Neil did the same thing and they said, that’s how our auditing works. You know, you recall something we ever you recall it a few times until Indy races. 

Right. Which is pure pseudo science. This e-mail or machine has been shown time and time again to be. 

That’s called a wheat stone bridge. It just measures your conductivity between the cans that you hold on to and your body. And if your hands are sweaty or if you squeeze them tighter, the conductivity goes up and if you loosen up, they go down. So, you know, there’s there probably is a little bit of relationship between stress and how tightly you squeeze the cans, but it’s got nothing to do with what they say it is, which is what operating Fagan’s in your body. 

Well, they don’t. I mean that just so you know, they don’t say that way at the lower end. Right. You only find out about that at the top. Try and think of a triangle at the very top. That’s where you find out about all that. So it’s a long road of mind control before they before you get to get that kind of thing. And that’s how they trick you into it. 

Yeah, that’s your way into it before you get the word that it sees space. 

I mean, you hear all the tea and people say, oh, I’m in Otey and you’re new and you’re looking at I’m going, well, hey, you know, they must have these secret. And they say they do. Like, I had very fine would say, oh, I’m going to go in session. I’m going to heal. I. So and so. And he would come out and say, OK, I’ve fixed your arm, you know, different things like that. So I really thought the top levels were healing. That’s what I thought. 

Well, and there’s we have to say to that in Clearwater, too, there’s this super power thing where if you’re way in the upper levels, they at least insinuate that you will have tremendous power. A few master their program. Is that fair to say? 

Yeah, pretty much. They may pinch God that the top people really have super powers and can make tons of money. That’s the other thing. The high, the more money you pay into it, more money you’re going to make like psychic powers and things like that. Yeah. And your business will find acts and things like that. Meaning you’ll make five times the amount of money you were making before you did the Scientology things, which is completely false. There’s many, many billionaires are not billionaires, but certainly millionaires, not many, many. Let me take that back. There’s a few very wealthy men and wait, a couple of women who got into Scientology, poured tons of money into it and have completely lost their businesses from it. Yeah, there’s a few still going and they’re always looking for what we call whales. Those are big people that have lots of money and they’ll give it to Scientology. God knows why. 

That’s what Vegas calls the big gamblers to whales. Really? Yep. I want to say one more thing about the testing center behind that black fence. There’s like a lot in between the buildings, parking lot, a parking lot, and for a long time, I don’t know if they still do it or not, but there used to be a Santa Claus on a little platform way at the back there. 

That’s at Christmas Day. Christmas Day after Wonderland. 

I remember. Oh, and by there several times, you know, over the years. And, you know, there’s like four people standing in front of them. And it’s just this sad, pathetic Santa Claus almost by himself. Next on the Scientology building. Now, I said this is the worst gig in Hollywood, I think, anyway. OK. Let’s move along. OK, here we go. Here’s the. 

Guarantee building. 

Yeah, that’s called the Hollywood Guaranteed Building or the H. And most Scientologists think the Hubbard HCB has to do with Hubbard. You know something? And you can see at the top there’s a big sign saying Scientology. Right. For years it didn’t. It was just kind of a secret location that’s secret. But the HCB, none of us really knew what they do there. But it was just supposedly in management, which is the international management running the Church of Scientology. That’s what happens there. And in the HCV is really because it is a building that you can’t check in. You have to change. You have to keep everything about it. 

What you call that like a historical build down or something like that historical building. 

So that’s why they kept the name the Hollywood guaranteed building. But when you walk through those doors that you just see that one door, that’s all you see. They don’t have any sign on the ground floor saying Scientology. Or if they do, it’s a little one. I was on 087 second to the top. I would go there because I was helping the Office of Special Affairs, which ah, which is they’re known to the public. It’s their PR, public relations and legal. That’s what that’s. What’s it there. An office. That’s what. And also that’s what they do. The truth is they do a lot of the dirty tricks. I didn’t think they did. But they do so. So when you walk in, there’s a guard outside all the time. 

Right at the door when you walk in, even as an old T7, they have to have someone from. I think they’re up on the 10th floor. They have to have someone come down the elevator, get you you going the elevator with them. 

They escort you up and you just go into a little room. You never see what’s really happening there. At least I never did. You could probably talk to some ACCE or members who worked there and they could. But, you know, now I have a question, which is what did they do there? Because the audience around the world are basically empty. So what are they, Meningie ya? Good question. I mean, obviously they’re buying new buildings. So that’s a big part of it is that they’ve sort of become a real estate organization. That’s it. So they’re probably researching buildings and buying buildings and putting obviously putting up fake stat statistics because times and people are still getting letters from them or out of the Church of Scientology. And that is a false statistic for them. 

They call those people as church members. Yeah, right. OK. 

All right. Next time you see the L. Ron Hubbard life exhibition, that’s a little museum they put up in honor of L. Ron Hubbard. And it’s interesting. It’s you know, it’s it’s basically, again, a P.R. movement. It kind of looks pretty fancy, look snazzy. You know, they show him riding the 40s and 50s and then he starts Dianetics and Bob Barr and you get to the end and they open up. You’re sitting down at the end and a whole wall opens up with these keys to all the cities around the United States where they’ve given them keys to you. They’re sending. 

Wow. And I know from working in P.R., they work this system for four months, if not years, to get a key. 

Yeah, and that’s that’s just a sort of a formality that cities do for local organizations anyway. It’s not like there. 

The city was some huge L. Ron Hubbard fan. No, but they make it seem like that. 

Years ago. I’m currently at Ridleys Street eastbound on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Hollywood fell off a little bit after you got a few blocks from the Chinese and everything fell out. But in the last 10 or 15 years. This is all pretty hot property, which is part of the reason for this tour property, all the Scientology buildings are tax exempt from property taxes. 

There’s a massive void. So this is millions of dollars of real estate that is gathering no property taxes. 

So your police fire all the city services and your property taxes pay for. 

They are not contributing to. 

Well, here is definitely the next big one. This is the Ron Hubbard life exhibit. 

It’s kind of nice to life this time of the morning. 

All right. It’s called the guarantee building Turrill. Talk about us. 

The final stop on our tour. Hollywood celebrities. 

What is the celebrity center? 

It is basically Howard knew that celebrities, people respect celebrities. They like them. They watch them, they communicate to. Instead of a few hundred people, they often communicate to millions. John Travolta, I helped supervise in the early 70s and he joined Scientology and he got. Welcome Back, Kotter. And from that point on, he insists he’s a great actor because of Scientology. Oh, any of the real big celebrities they’ve ever had are good because they’re good actors. It’s not because of Scientology. But Scientology is good at tricking you and making you think any of your abilities are because of them. 

And you owe them because of it. 

Of course. Yeah. So they have a secret entrance for celebrities, which is at the back end. And they can they have their own parking lot. They have their own secret entrance. They have their own course room that is private. And no one would ever see them if they wanted to be seen. They can’t be seen. I’ve gone into their restaurant where Travolta was there with a bunch of people, but also they’ve you know, many times they’ve been there, but you don’t see them. 

I’ve been in the restaurant and I’ve been in the celebrity center. And I actually took the personality test there once and went on the one on the E meter. Now I’m going to tell you what I did. And you you give me the reaction from a Scientologist point of view. Real quickly, when my cousin and I traveled through Europe every time we would hit a city with a Scientology center at it, we’d go there and take the personality test because they’d give us free orange juice and donuts and we’d get a free meal out of it. So by the by the time I got to Hollywood, years later, I had taken the personality test for probably I probably had taken a 10 or 12 times. And I decided in Hollywood that I would take it. I would answer it as if I was the most perfect human being that ever lived. I was completely happy. All my relationships were perfect. My work was perfect. Everything. So when the score came back, I was in the 90s, some percentiles across the board and they were looking at me cut across. I like, who is this person? So what do you think was going through their minds? 

If you’re all perfect, there’s no problems. There’s parts of say you’re out of valence, meaning you’re not being yourself. You’re not telling the truth. And thus you need to do it again and tell the truth. But they usually are just like you said, they’re just stunned. They asked him to join staff. 

Yeah, I think that’s that’s what they the reaction I kind of got is that they thought maybe I was a big shot in the in the church and that maybe I was coming to check up on him. I don’t know. 

You know, one thing I realized that I forgot to say with that, I thought we were gonna do more of the complex. But just so people know, if the big balloon thing. Yeah, that was that starts with the entrance to Los to L.A. or then it goes to what’s called ASHO American Saint Hill, St. Helens in England. This is their American Saint Hill where they had the briefing course. And then David Miscavige has now gotten rid of the briefing course, so no longer exists. And then Class eight course, which is their highest trained or one of their hired train that’s gone to that. 

Across the street from that is AOL L.A., which is the advanced organization, which is where they do the OTEY levels up to. Oh, he said and I believe they do there. 

I think they know. Oh, five. They do up to. Oh jeez, I want you one, two, three, four, five and clear which doesn’t work at all. I’ve never met a real clear definition of clear per hour. Unhappen was a perfect memory. Perfect. Thank you. No somatics, no pain. But they keep changing the definition so that it’ll fit and people think, okay, I’m back. And you know, other things than the Freewinds gave a little little building there at the Big Blue from the Freewinds, which is their ship for 088. You can only do 088 on their ship and don’t waste your money on. It’s awful. Wow. So anyway, I just wanted to mention that because we didn’t really I thought you were going to go down the street of L. Ron Hubbard and we were going to do those. 

Yeah, I forgot to ride around the block there. Well, so they. So the Church of Scientology owns. It’s safe to say, tens of millions of dollars of property in Los Angeles alone. Is it second only to Clearwater and the amount of facilities? 

Yeah, Clearwater’s really. They’re really buying up a lot of Clearwater, and thankfully, Mark Bunker, who is a big critic of the Church of Scientology, was never in, but he has studied it for years. 

You know, just that both sides of it, really. And he has now just been elected to their city council. 

So that should be interesting. Oh, I bet they hate the ironic that they say they sell communication, they sell freedom, they sell truth. And nothing could be further from the truth to Scientology. Nothing. They they’re liars. They know they cannot communicate. I’ve gone up to them for 20 years trying to communicate. And they won’t talk to me. Wow. You know, they declare people suppressive like myself. And no one is allowed to talk to me if they talk to me. They will be declared. 

So they get in trouble. Yeah. Yeah. Tory Christman, thank you so much for all the work you do exposing the nefarious behavior of the Church of Scientology. Thank you. Well, we tried, but you’re the one with who knows all the inside. I hope it’s been helpful. It’s been great. Thanks so much. 

This thing I can say for anyone is look at both sides. Make sure you really know what you’re getting into if you’re even thinking of joining this, because it’s very spooky. There’s a very dark side to it. And I promise you, I can say that because I know if anyone looks at both sides, they’ll never join the Church of Scientology. 

And I hope that is the case. 

Jim Underdown

Jim Underdown

Jim Underdown is executive director of Center for Inquiry–Los Angeles, and the founder of the Independent Investigations Group.