Daniel Loxton: Bigfoot, Nessie and Other Kinds of “Abominable Science”

March 3, 2014

This week Point of Inquiry welcomes Daniel Loxton, longtime Editor of Junior Skeptic, the 10-page kids’ science section bound within Skeptic magazine, author and illustrator of the national award-winning kids’ science book Evolution: How We and All Living Beings Came to Be, and a series of illustrated books subtitled Tales of Prehistoric Life. Loxton has published two major essays on skeptical activism; “Where Do We Go From Here?” in 2007, dealing with the focus and direction of the new generation of skepticism, and which helped to inspire the SkeptiCamp community organized conferences on scientific skepticism; and “What Do I Do Next?” in 2009, providing ideas and suggestions for individual involvement in the skepticism movement.

Recently, Loxton, along with co-author Donald R. Prothero, has written an entertaining, educational and definitive text on cryptids, presenting the arguments both for and against their existence. Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other Famous Cryptids systematically challenges the pseudoscience that perpetuates these myths, and examines the nature of the science and pseudoscience within cryptozoology.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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