Ronald A. Lindsay and Michael De Dora – Mr. Science Goes to Washington

December 24, 2012

We usually record Point of Inquiry at a distance. Over the phone. Skyping.

But for this show, I packed up my gear and hailed a cab—to the Center for Inquiry’s brand new Office of Public Policy in downtown, Washington, D.C.

The Center for Inquiry is here to literally make this country listen to reason… and science. It’s a sensibility that is simply in far too short of a supply in this town.

So I sat down with Ronald A. Lindsay, CFI’s president, and Michael De Dora, head of the Office of Public Policy, to talk about their plans to make our legislators and leaders just a little more rational and science based.

Ronald A. Lindsay is president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry and its affiliates, the Council for Secular Humanism and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. He has led the organization since 2008.

Michael De Dora is director of the Center for Inquiry Office of Public Policy and its representative to the United Nations.

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