Bill Nye – In Praise of Reason (and Skepticism)

November 7, 2011

Recently in New Orleans, the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry held the very first CSIcon—the conference dedicated to scientific inquiry and critical thinking.

The main honoree: Bill Nye the Science Guy, who was given CSI’s premiere “In Praise of Reason” award.

The next day, Point of Inquiry caught up with Nye, a guest who really needs no introduction… at least not to the thousands upon thousands of kids who saw a little show called Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Since then, Nye has been involved in many other endeavors and television programs to improve science teaching and understanding in our country, including his latest show on Planet Green, “Stuff Happens“.

Nye is an engineer, inventor, author, comedian—a supporter of clean energy, and above all a skeptic.

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