CSICon – The Conference Dedicated To Scientific Inquiry And Critical Thinking

October 5, 2011

Later this month—on Halloween weekend—the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is holding a conference: CSICon. It’s the latest in a line of CSI skeptics’ conferences going back to what might be the first skeptics’ conference ever held, a CSICOP (CSI) conference back in 1983.

This episode of Point of Inquiry revolves around CSICon. It features interviews with Barry Karr, Jim Underdown, and Debbie Goddard.

Barry Karr is the Executive Director of CSI and Skeptical Inquirer magazine. He was at that first conference in 1983 and he’s the driving force behind upcoming CSICon. Barry talks about how trends in skepticism have changed throughout the years, what skeptics talked (and worried) about then, what they focus on now, and where they should go from here.

Jim Underdown is Executive Director of CFI LA, Chair and Founder of the Independent Investigations Group (IIG), and lead singer and songwriter for The Heathens, an “all-star, all-atheist, all-skeptic, band from Los Angeles.” Jim explains how the band got started, what their music is all about, and where we can hear them play. He also talks about the IIG, their work, and what they’re planning to do at CSICon.

Debbie Goddard is Coordinator of the CFI On Campus program and Director of African Americans for Humanism—and more importantly she does the date stamp at the beginning of Point of Inquiry episodes. Debbie is speaking on a panel at CSICon called “Grassroots Outreach and Activism”. She talks about skeptical outreach and activism—and why it’s important, diversity in the skeptical movement, and how you can get involved.

Visit csiconference.org to learn more. 

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