Michael Cicchini – Myths, Misconceptions, and the Law

February 21, 2011

Michael Cicchini is a criminal defense attorney and a skeptic.

Through extensive research and writing in the field of criminal law he has advocated for defendants’ rights. Super Lawyers and Milwaukee Magazine have named him among “The Top Young Lawyers” for four consecutive years.

Michael is the author of the book But They Didn’t Read Me My Rights: Myths, Oddities, and Lies about our Legal System, that debunks assumptions and misconceptions about the American Legal System. He is also author of the blog “The Legal Watchdog” where he employs critical thinking to critique case decisions and report on other legal issues.

In this interview with Karen Stollznow, Michael shares some urban legends and absurdities to be found about the United States justice system. He talks about the effect of popular culture on the public perception of the law, and reveals that when it comes to the law, fact is often stranger than fiction.

Michael discusses critical thinking in the courtroom, reason in legal reasoning, logic in the law, and the role of evidence in a trial. He also speaks about the influence of religious belief on laws that are passed in this country and why old laws rarely ever go away.

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