Warren Bonett – Down Under Reason

October 29, 2010

Warren Bonett is a skeptic, author and an independent bookseller. Warren wanted to become actively involved in critical thinking without joining an organization or becoming an –ism, so he opened “Embiggen Books”. This is a unique store specializing in skeptical and science titles… right in the middle of a New Age township. He has been told that his store has “great feng shui.”

In this interview with Karen Stollznow, Warren recommends books for those who are new to skepticism, and suggests titles to introduce children to science and critical thinking.

Warren is also a bookseller who has edited a book. He is editor and contributor to The Australian Book of Atheism. This project includes 32 essays about religion and secularism written by pre-eminent Australian atheist, rationalist, humanist, and skeptic thinkers, including Russell Blackford, Tim Minchin, Graham Oppy, Robyn Williams, and Martin Bridgstock.

Its blurb states that the book “showcases the unique character of Australian atheism.” Warren tells us exactly what is unique about atheism in Australia, and discusses the issues that are specific to Australian society.

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