Adam Savage – Skeptic (Confirmed)

July 9, 2010

Adam Savage is an artist, actor, educator, special effects designer and co-host of the Discovery Channel’s TV show Mythbusters.

Adam has a diverse background in animation and design, and for almost two decades he has concentrated on the special effects industry for film, theater and television. 

A prominent skeptic and atheist, Adam lectures in science education and is a strong promoter of critical thinking.

Karen Stollznow spoke with Adam in Las Vegas at The Amaz!ng Meeting, the annual conference of the James Randi Educational Foundation.

In this conversation, Adam speaks about his identification as a skeptic and atheist, and his work to promote science and skepticism to the public. He talks about his experiences on Mythbusters; why the show appeals to skeptics, and how he applies skepticism to his experiments. 

Adam talks about testing pseudoscience and the paranormal, how myths and legends develop, and how the public reacts when their cherished myths are busted. 

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