Joe Nickell – Aliens and Abductions

February 17, 2006

Joe Nickell, Senior Research Fellow for CSICOP, is considered the world’s leading paranormal investigator. A former professional stage magician and private investigator, he has used his varied background to investigate myths and mysteries, frauds, forgeries, and hoaxes. He has been called “the modern Sherlock Holmes,” “the original ghost buster,” and “the real-life Scully” (after the character in The X-Files ). A veteran of hundreds of TV and radio appearances, he is the author of over 20 books, including Secrets of the Supernatural, Entities, Psychic Sleuths, Real Life X Files, and The UFO Invasion.

In this interview with DJ Grothe, Nickell discusses aliens and alien abduction accounts and explores their significance for society today.

Also in this episode, Tom Flynn asks Did You Know?, detailing facts and figures about UFOs, alien abductions and the new “Roses of Mohammed,” Point of Inquiry contributor Sarah Jordan examines the meaning of science education, and DJ Grothe talks with Benjamin Radford about psychic detectives.

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